Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gold Mine Part Two

Part Two

When I was giving orders, except for having Chris get me the proper papers to prove my new identity, most of what I said just came off the top of my head. The Jenson Investor Club was a thought that came out of thin air. However, it was true that the demand for property was making investors as rich as mining for gold. Both James and Chris could envision millions of dollars in the real estate market.

We all agreed that continuing my new identity as Bill Jenson was best for me as well as the Golden Horseshoe. Big Daddy Cash had to disappear until all of the crimes committed in his name were completely resolve and the real perpetrator was caught and punished.

James knew about the carnival gang, Hey Rube, and how they helped me get rid of the Gonzales bandits. He knew of a carnival in Havre, Montana and had this to say;

“Cash, we’re going to need men that we can trust to help get you out of this mess as quickly as possible do you think Johnny Diamond will help us if we pay him well for his trouble.”

“Johnny is a good friend of mine and I’m sure he’d help money or no money, however getting him here won‘t be that easy.”

“Maybe it will be easier then you think, there’s a carnival in Havre and if what you told me is true all you have to do is go there and cry out, Hey Rube.”

“It’s not quite that easy James but I’ll head for Havre in the morning and see if I can find Johnny. What do you say we called it a day and drink to our success?”

“My thoughts exactly, a few drinks will help relax us and get our minds off all these damn problems. I’ll set out a bottle of scotch and a liter of soda and we‘ll reminisce about the good times and forget about the bad times.”


Havre, Montana is right close to the Canadian border the last I heard Johnny Diamond was some place in Canada. If I could find out where he was headquartered I’d either pay him a visit or send him a telegram.

I found the carnival just outside the railroad yards on the banks of Milk River. The leader of the carnival was a man named Thomas McGee who after hearing who I was welcomed me with open arms. He said my name was well known in the carnival community and he was proud to make my acquaintance;

“Tom, I’m looking for Johnny Diamond, can you tell me where I can find him?”

“Johnny and several men from Hey Rube are on their way here now.”

“Whats happened?”

“We were attacked by a gang of cutthroats led by a drug lord named Dorian Falcon. His men killed four of my men in a merciless fight at the White Star Saloon in downtown Havre. They have threatened to kill us all if we don’t get out of Havre.”

I’ve heard stories about Havre, it’s known as the sin city of Montana, run by outlaws and outcasts from society. Prostitution, gambling, drugs and all kinds of criminal activity run rapid. There are opium dens on almost every corner and Dorian runs the whole shit and caboodle.

“Tom can you handle the pistol you have tucked under your belt?”

“I’m fair but I’m not a gun slinger.”

“I’m going to teach you how to draw fast and shoot straight so lets get you a holster and get started.

We’re going to pay this Dorian Falcon a visit.”

“I’ve got a holster in my trailer; I’ll go can get it right now. If you think you can teach me there’s no better time then now.”

We worked on Toms draw and aim the rest of the day and well into the night. When I was sure that he could handle his gun we headed for town to find Dorian. The most likely place to find him would be in the White Star Saloon.


We entered the saloon and found a table in a corner where we could watch the bar and the entrance. At the far end of the bar was a man in a dark blue suit dressed like he’d just stepped out of an ad for mens attire. Tom said;

“Be careful Cash, that’s Dorian.”

I instructed Tom to stay at the table and I approached the bar. Luckily Dorian didn’t see Tom and I together, he didn’t see me until I ordered my drink. When he spotted me he came down and stood beside me with his hand resting on his gun;

“Hello friend, this is my town, can I help you?”

“Maybe if your name is Dorian.”

He drew his gun and poked the barrel in my ribs and said;

“My name is Dorian, what’s your name my friend?”

“They call me Billy, I ride with Jessie James and I’m looking for a place to hide out for a few days.”

He put his gun back in his holster and ordered me another drink. I noticed four men at the bar that were backing him up;

“Thanks Dorian, does that mean it’s ok if I stay here for a few days.”

“Of course, any friend of Jessie’s is a friend of mine. You can put your gear in the room behind the bar and when you’re settled come back here and we’ll talk.”

“Great, Jessie said I’d be welcome here.”

I turned to leave but instead I drew my gun and shoot Dorian right between the eyes then shot two of his body guards and Tom got the other two. We backed out the front door got on our horses and rode away.

On our way back to the carnival I thought to myself;

“Well I‘ll be damned, I finally got the man in the blue suit.”


Johnny Diamond and the Hey Rube gang were already at the carnival grounds. Tom was so excited about what we had done in town that he couldn’t wait to tell Johnny all about it. He grabbed a bottle of vodka and poured us all a drink then told his story much more dramatic then it really was.

“Johnny, I heard you were in Canada and I was just about to go look for you. I need the help of a few men that I can trust and you’re the only one I can turn too. Since the last time I saw you I have become a very wealthy man and I can pay you fifty thousand dollars for your help, if it takes longer then a month I’ll give you more. There’s an outlaw or a group of outlaws committing crimes all over Montana and planting the blame on me. I need help to prove my innocence and I know I can depend on you.”

“I’ll help you Cash but I don’t want any money I already owe you much more then I can pay. I can give you ten men full time and I’ll tag along as much as I can.

If you want these guys family jewels delivered in a small oak box that to can be arranged."

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