Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gold Mine Part Three

Part Three

It surprises me how any good can come from a place where sin thrives; maybe we’ve brought an end to this den of iniquity, Havre, Montana. Anyway I have accomplished what I set out to do now it’s time for me to return to Paradise Valley. There’s a coal train leaving Havre this afternoon so I’ll hitch a ride in a box car and cut the trip home by at least two days.

I’m no longer Big Daddy Cash from here on I’m Bill Jenson the seasoned real estate investor. My next investment is going to be a small office building where I can establish The Jenson Investor Club. Both James and Chris hashed the idea over and over and they figured the investor club would not only give my new identity credibility but make an excellent investment for the Golden Horseshoe Mine. It’s obvious to me that my new partners are money makers first and humanitarians second. I guess that’s why my dad picked them as a major part of the Golden Horseshoe.

I still can’t believe I’m one of the richest men in America I should be delighted but I’m really uncomfortable with the feeling. What bothers me is all the responsibility that goes along with the money. I’ve always been free to up and go when ever I got a hankering to. Being almost broke and living off the land is my life style, I’m not sure if I’ll be happy with the change. Damn it, I think I’d rather be an outlaw then a millionaire.

Well enough of that kind of thinking it’s time for me to get down to business. The first thing I want to do is get a dog to help take care of Wendy. I want a dog that will be a good companion as well as her protector a critter that she can bond to and love.

A while back I seen a sign on the outskirts of Great Falls that read, Dog Breeder Puppies for Sale, I figured this would be a good place to start my search. As I entered the showroom a little brownish red puppy caught my eye, the owner stepped up and said;

“This little guy is the top choice of our puppies we call him Bobby. Bobby is a great example of a Bully American Bulldog. short snout, big head, broad rear and hind legs. Great markings, great bloodlines, great for show, breeding, watchdog or pet you couldn’t find a better companion.”

“He’s just what I’m looking for, I’ll give you $200 if you’ll throw in a cage I can strap on my horse.”

“You got yourself a dog mister.”

I don’t know what it was but I had a gut feeling that this little fellow would be a perfect new member of my family and a great companion for Wendy.

It was sunset when I reached Paradise Valley, Wendy was out in the corral brushing down Thunder. I let Bobby out of the cage and he ran straight to Wendy, he was one happy puppy and with Wendy it was love at first sight.

“Hi Wendy, I haven’t caught you at a bad time, have I. Bobby and I thought we’d pay you a visit. Oh, by the way, that little four legged critter is Bobby.”

“Oh, Big Daddy Cash, what a beautiful little puppy. I think I’ve fallen in love.”

“The previous owner named him Bobby but you can change his name if you’d like.”

“I wouldn’t change his name he looks like a little Bobby Boy, the name fits him to a tee. Look at the little sweetheart he’s happy here. He’ll learn to love this place like I do.”

“I guess that means you’ve been happy here.”

“Oh Cash, I’m happier here then I’ve ever been, it’s so beautiful and peaceful. I feel the divine presence of God. I know that God has inspired me to write beautiful poetry. I wrote something especially for you I hope you’ll find time to read it.”

“Wendy, I’d love to hear it why don’t you recite it to me as a special treat right after we have dinner. I brought home some thick and juicy pork chops, one for you, one for me and one for Bobby.”

“Sounds wonderful let me do the cooking and I’ll make it extra special just for you.”

“Thanks Wendy, while your cooking I’ll go bed down Blacky and say hello to Thunder.”

I am still fascinated by my own Paradise Valley it’s a Godly place where fantasy becomes reality. It’s the one thing of mine that makes everything else in this crazy world worthwhile. Here I can feel love because it fills the atmosphere and flows with the wind.

Wendy fixed a real gourmet delight, creamed corn, mashed potatoes with creamy white gravy, pork chops so juicy they melted in my mouth and for dessert the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted. She topped it all off with her poem embroidered on a silk bandanna presented to me with my after dinner cocktail.


Together Breath

By Wendy Joy Brady

Oh! What a wonderful reason

To send these words to you

Reaching out...touching your mind

Love so opium, so delivered, totally fine

There's no reason to stand alone

Where winds... blow us over and groan

For this day has meet-able charm

With amazing light that brings no harm

Enduring the moment... deep in thought of you

I respond, so my love touches your soul so true

I feel in your acceptance, divine inspiring grace

As wise and eternally knowing... in beliefs state

Wherever you are...wherever you breathe

Know that I am forever in your life to please.

On the other side of the bandana she wrote another poem expressing her true feelings about the love of a poet. All of the words were embroidered in golden letters. Even though she was writing about a poets feelings her words were a reflection of my way of thinking.

Poet Of Glorious Love

That Ultimate true glaze

The one that coats our world

With a distinct... group of Poets

Fiercely private but comfortable at being heard

Not really interested in possessions, material things

More interested... in knowing that the world truly sings

It's true...they prefer to take second place than actually win

Life's too brief to fight about superficial things

Poet's prefer to be dedicated to working at not working but writing

You can call them problem solvers and a tiny bit eccentric... but it's true

Something quite mysterious always gets them through

The light of love is their absolute truth

They see the brightest stars and the gifted glorious moon

On all those bleak and horrible days... they prefer to spoon

They always seem to notice the sun's gifted rays

By soaking its pureness up in a variety of ways

It's just in them...a unique kind of love, where they sense the sparkles

And the completeness of time, in those two graceful white doves

As long as they are fed, clothed and given comfortable shoes

They can get by on this life with pure words and belief that is due

Yes! The journey of the Poet is like man and earth

Their survival instincts exist on spirituality, love and art

There is no living in fear and worried about what's going to happen

These Poets are grateful for life's futuristic dreams and momentum

This life's made up about caring and appreciating things,

Whether that be people, nature, or just being grateful for existing

So next time your lost... down and out

Know in your heart and adventurous soul

You don't have to have a clear idea to talk it out

You can just put pen to paper in a divine flow

And trust yourself with neverending belief

To search your inner feelings and write your own niche

Discovering your appointment with time... that's so discreet

So pain and sorrow can actually live with no doubt and deceit

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