Saturday, July 10, 2010

'My Handsome Cowboy'

I met a man just by chance and wondered who he was.

His get up was a little strange from what I had known.

He had on tight black jeans, and tall black boots with a Cowboy hat to match with a Eagle feather protruding from it.

His shirt was Black with Red Roses embroidered on it which I found to be quite strange.

He strutted in unaware that I was checking out his style.

He looked like a complete Nerd to me but his demeanor was so humble.

He was so polite, and gentle as no man I had ever met, yet I knew not his name.

He returned day after day and we talked, although he dressed just the same.

He had no horse, so ‘Cowboy’ was not his name.

His silver car was a sleek Trans Am with an Eagle on the hood.

It matched his personality as he far outstood any other man that I had known.

Though not understanding his attire, his attitude was grand.

He didn’t need a Horse or a Trans Am, just to hold my hand.

He had already won my heart with the gentleness of a colt.

No man had ever been so kind, nor made me feel more loved.

I found hope in my heart that he would be my Man.

We danced the dance of friendly words as we fell madly in love.

The time was quite short before we were sure, that we were meant for one another from Heaven above.

Now, I have that handsome Cowboy without that horrible Hat that he wore.

Though in his heart he dearly loved it for what it stood for; freedom to dress and be as free as one whom he truly was.

Though giving up his tall black Cowboy hat showed me his love.

But I lassoed in my Cowboy with all of my charm, and married him quite quickly, without twisting his arm.

Our love has grown and withstood the test of time.

Twenty-five years we have loved as one, and ‘Cowboy’ could be his name, for we have two Arabians oh so fine; who are such a delight to ride.

So, for all the distaste for the clothes he wore, he still is mine.

I slowly changed his attire so no one would stare down at him.

With a little taming, he now has a name. Richard Lesley is my Man.

Not Dicky that his family called him, that had to be changed.

Combined with mine, we are intertwined as lovers just the same.

If you want to check us out, just call us by name, Tammy and Richard Lesley, we always will remain.

He is my handsome Cowboy and protector just as well; my love for him is untamed and will never fail.

Our journey on this trail has been one of love walking hand in hand as we grow from our love.

With love in our eyes and a smile on our face we have grown wise to the ways of the world, working day to day to meet deadlines and let life unfurl.

Just hold on for today no matter what comes, and night time will gently unfold as you hold me in your arms.

Love is what matters when you are with the one you love, especially the one you thought you’d never meet and become as one.

He has my heart in his hand and his love I hold dear, for without his reassurance, I would be no one.

I hold his love in my heart while he is away at work, and pray for each moment that he return safely each day.

I love you Richard with all my heart, and hold our Memories dear.

Without our love for the world and all the things we’ve done, I am sure that our love would not have been so interesting and fun.

Thank you for the memories of each and every day.

Thank you for the love we share, for without you dear, I would not be the same.

The songs that I hold dear to my heart totally describe you in my heart.

'Unforgettable’ and ‘Unchained Melodies’ are Our songs and will always be.

‘Unforgettable’ that’s what you are though near or far.

I will never forget our love and thank God above for giving me such peace in this place and time.

Perhaps in our next life, we will be the same and come back as one again.

I will be holding my breath and calling out your Name.

For in the future dear, I wouldn’t change a thing except to promise never to change our names.

Does love last forever, or does it fade away?

Ask me ten lifetimes from now and I bet I will say, ”He is my Cowboy, though Richard is his name.

There isn’t a thing he can’t do, so add Genius to his name.”

Living life together has been a game, that I loved playing and praising his name.

One day I will make him proud of me as I sing our song, and write the words to describe the meaning of love to the World.

I love you with all of my heart Richard Lesley and you are lucky to have me in your charms.

Without me looking beyond your attire, who knows who or what you would have become.

The change was slow but worth it.

Lover, Friend, Confidant and Best Friend our Life together has been one of charm and delight.

Thank you for sharing your Life as One with me walking by your side.

Written by: Tamara Lesley for her loving husband 'Richard Lesley.'

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  1. Your husband is a lucky man to have such a loving talented wife. This story is a wonderful tribute. It gives me a warm feeling to share your thoughts. I do love your stories...
    I am way behind on my comments but in time I will catch up. Keep the stories coming. LOL, BDC